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For eons, the internal seismic foundries of the earth have been churning, melting and squeezing stone into materials that, when quarried, have found their ways into homes everywhere. However, this process can take thousands of years. Taking matters into its own hands, Cosentino, a stone company based in Spain, has developed means to make it so that one needn’t wait to attain these beautiful and functional materials.

SENSA is Cosentino’s natural granite line, quarried in Brazil. This product sets itself apart from other natural stone counters because it isn’t treated with sealants that can compromise regular cleaning and usage. Instead, it’s treated with a solution called SenGuard, which creates molecular bonds that seal the stone against staining without breaking down.

SILESTONE is Cosentino’s line of high- quality quarts surfaces. Several variants of Silestone incorporate antimicrobial bacteriostatic protection. Silver technology prohibits bacteria from spreading on the surface, making this material particularly useful for kitchens and bathrooms. Another Silestone product, ECO, is made of 74 percent recycled materials, and is curated by several Starbucks across America.

Much like a diamond is wrought by intense heat and pressure over time, so too is Cosentino’s newest line, DEKTON, except that the process of creating this unique material is far shorter. Research and development for this product and its manufacture has been underway for the past seven years to meet a need for a durable, yet beautiful material that is also suitable for outdoor use. Cosentino researchers worked with experts and manufacturers to develop the metamorphic process of creating Dekton, a proprietary manufacturing method known as Particle Sintering Technology.

VEGHA-EscalerasThough it’s thin, the material is impenetrable as well as scratch-, heat- and stain-resistant, making its uses versatile. Exterior facades of buildings can be “wrapped” in Dekton, or high-traffic floors can be lined with it (such as the Minneapolis Airport), creating the visual effect of marble, without the upkeep. The company has also seen a growing trend of people implementing Dekton in outdoor areas – be it pool surrounds, or outdoor bars and kitchens.

The innovation behind this product hasn’t stopped now that it has launched. In addition to the 15 colors Dekton already offers, Cosentino plans to add nine more color options by the end of this year; many of the newer colors capture the look of natural stone, while others skew toward more solid colors.

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