94 Designers Predict These 9 Home Decor Trends

Design by Gil Walsh.

The New York Design Center, New York’s premier resource for interior design, this month launched the What’s New, What’s Next (WNWN) 2020 Trend Report featuring the top nine decor trends for today as told by 94 designers from across the country.

As part of the building’s annual What’s New, What’s Next event, the New York Design Center polled some of the design industry’s most influential names to discuss what to expect in the future of design, and to better understand what consumers are asking for today. The verdict? Home is where the heart is.

“Today, the meaning of home holds a new importance fostering work, school, and play,” says President/CEO of the New York Design Center in his Forward. “The value we need for a well-designed space is greater than ever.”

From prioritizing a sense of calm to mixed period style interiors, designing with sustainable materials and more, these nine trends will reign supreme through 2020 and 2021:

Design by Tina Ramchandani; Photo by JacobSnavely.

Creating A Retreat For Everyday Life

“Our homes are where we begin and end each day, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have come to realize the importance of the home as a refuge from the outside world. Having experienced, during the most chaotic of times, the importance of home, we will start to see a shift to designing homes that people don’t want/need a vacation from, with more intention being put into the meaning of home, versus setting trends.” – Albie Buabeng

Design by Tiffani Reidy; Photo by Endless Adventure Photography

Function First

“I have always believed your home should be a place to spark joy – recent events have truly reinforced this belief. For 2021, I predict a desire for simple pleasures and joy. In home décor, I see bright, clear, happy colors used in an exuberant way to express one’s unique personality. I also believe the renewed focus on interior design will continue for the foreseeable future – with home renovations ramping up as economic prospects recover.” – Courtney McLeod

Design by Philip Gorrivan; Photo by Reed McKendree.

Design Out Of The Box

“Say goodbye to the little black dress of living rooms! The home now is truly our sanctuary and as a result, design has become intensely personal. Whether it’s expressed through bold colors and patterns or lush textures like velvet, each space is now an opportunity to express your own style. The private spaces in the home take center stage more than ever. It’s not about designing to entertain, it’s about enjoying your time at home.” – Marika Meyer

Design by Thomas Jayne; Photo by Pieter Estersohn.

Mix It Up

“Like generations prior, history always seems to repeat itself. The next wave of design will not be exempt from this constant. I foresee designers pulling inspiration from the past era. Millennials were able to revive pink walls, abstract geometric shapes, and rattan furniture. Don’t shoot the messenger…but the next design trend is bound to be the 90’s. I believe we’ll see a resurgence of hunter green walls, modern wicker furniture, and the infamous arched windows and walls that were iconic of the 1990s.” – Mikel Welch

Design by Wesley Moon; Photo by William Waldron.

Sustainable Solutions

“Sustainability and wellness in interiors are becoming increasingly important. The pause created by the COVID pandemic made people even more aware of the impact our choices have on the environment; a silver lining of sorts. That said, within all these trends, I think the focus on individual taste and a mix of periods and styles remains the strongest trend.” – Anelle Gandelman

Design and photo by The Rug Company.

Globally Inspired

“For me, ‘What’s Next’ is a focus on cultural design and embracing one’s ethnicity, background, and traditions instead of opting for a Eurocentric aesthetic. I think we are going to witness a celebration of who we are culturally, and beautifully, reflected in our homes in new and creative ways. I also believe that organic elements will be represented more sculpturally in both furniture and décor as we look to bring the outdoors in.” – Beth Diana Smith

Design by Cullman & Kravis; Photo by Eric Piasecki.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

“Homeowners want spaces to do double and triple duty. They want furnishings to take on non-traditional roles in their home as we look to normalize our current routines. They want beauty and comfort as the home gets solidified as a mainstay retreat.” – Kiyonda Powell

Design by Jenny Dina Kirschner; Photo by Chris Mottalini.

Make It Work

“Shifting and reshaping the meaning of home has been the motto of the past year. The home is now so much more than a place to decompress and rest at the end of a hectic day. It now has to have the duality of a calm sanctuary and be a spot full of energy so that for both work and play, home is the place to be.” – Alberto Villalobos

Design Kesha Franlink; Photo by Christopher Stark Photography.

Setting New Priorities

“I believe our homes, no matter the size, will need to integrate smart technology and features that support wellness more than ever. Our residential sanctuaries will need to incorporate more natural light and indoor greenery while serving as our everything…Our restaurants, offices, our schools, our theaters, our gyms, our game rooms, our sunrooms, our storage spaces, and our greenhouses.” – Keita Turner 

Take a look at the full trend report here:

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