NY to Paris Direct- Studio Design Not Lost in Translation

Paris-2When in NYC, most interior design has to contend with living in a small space, but needing a big budget. Having developed a keen eye for this tricky balancing act, the New Design Project, an interior design firm based out of Brooklyn, took some of that “studio apartment chic” sensibility to Paris to see how it would translate.

In their studio apartment project in Le Marais, Paris, the designers at the New Design Project successfully ensured that a lack of space did not compromise style. Utilizing the square footage (320 to be exact) to its full potential, the designers wanted to make sure that they could “retain the quirkiness of the space”, while keeping it a practical and comfortable space to live. Paris-4

By creating an alcove for the bed with a half-wall that doubles as a headboard, the designers managed to create a distinguished area within this studio apartment. Keeping the sleeping area distinct from the rest of the space, it’s easier to imagine a full night’s rest; while the half-wall still lets the light and air from the rest of the apartment circulate, and keeps the space from feeling closed off.

The eclectic mixture of pieces used in the apartment- industrial, vintage, designer- were culled from flea markets in and around Paris, and therefore are truly indicative of the richness and variation of the city!


The designers used monochromatic schemes on the majority of the walls, such as in the kitchen and bedroom areas, as well as in the bathroom. The one patterned wall was left behind the sofa to act as an accent wall. The raw wooden beams in the ceiling were left untouched, to add yet another layer of charismatic charm.

Finishing touches in accessories, lighting, fabrics, and textures round out this apartment’s streamlined eclectic perfection. The charming bland of pieces almost works better in a small apartment, and what it may lack in space, it makes up for in style and practicality.


Photos Courtesy of the New Design Project.

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