Alex Nerovnya Conceptualizes A Futuristic Compound Overlooking Beverly Hills

There’s a reason this California residence has been dubbed “Enchanted Hill.” Situated at the top of a private hilltop with sweeping views of Beverly Hills, the $95-million, 121-acre trophy property was once owned by Hollywood stars Fred Thomson and Francis Marion, and later by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Recently, world-renowned architect Alex Nerovnya was enlisted by Jesse Lally of Hilton & Hyland, a founding member of Forbes Global Properties, to reimagine life on Enchanted Hill. His vision of the property is aligned with his own philosophy of architectural ecological minimalism with maximum connection with the environment, landscape and greenery – and presents the opportunity to create a self-sustaining lifestyle within a single property.

Nerovnya, a Moscow-based architect, excels in the conceptual design of private villas and hotels highlighting simple, geometric forms. For this project, the core geometrical shape that became a foundation of this project was the cylinder – and all architectural and design solutions were created around this form.

The resulting renderings are simultaneously futuristic yet intrinsically linked with the surrounding environment. Walls of floor-to-ceiling windows wrap around the structure – not only taking advantage of the views, but allowing the home to blend in with its natural surroundings.

“We love using architecture to interact with the natural environment,” Nerovnya told Forbes. “By utilizing glass walls, we are able to visually erase the separation between the indoors and the outdoors.”

Roofs and terraces, in addition to the landscaping, are populated by flora and lawns, cementing Nerovnya’s goal to create architecture that is an extension of nature.

Nerovnya’s vision for Enchanted Hill takes a property with prime location, ultimate privacy, and massive acreage, and adds the forward-thinking and sustainably driven concepts homeowners are looking for today. Click here for more information on the listing.

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