Behind the Scenes: Director Oliver Stone’s West Village Condo


Director Oliver Stone, perhaps known best for his work on Scarface and Natural Born Killer, put his West Village Condo up for sale last year. Although it has since been taken off the market (it was formerly listed with the Corcoran Group), we couldn’t resist a chance to feature the impressive and bold interior design of this one-of-a-kind apartment.

Apartment 2D at 1 Morton Square is the home to this gorgeous riverfront two-bedroom and two-and-a-half bath pad, designed by the talented Geoffrey Bradfield in a Nautical, pop-art theme. The entire space adds up to about 1,750 square feet.

Stone101The building itself is a multi-use complex with doorman, and comes with plenty of amenities, including a children’s playroom, a gym, and a parking garage (very desirable in the city,) all at the fingertips of the residents to use. This building has also previously been home to many other celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Amy Poehler, and Daniel Radcliff (and nearly Severus Snape Alan Rickman, raising and quickly casting away hopes for a Hogwarts NYC campus).

StoneDiningViewAccording to a piece in Architectural Digest in 2010, a “yacht on the Mediterranean” is what Bradfield had in mind for the place. The bold design and charismatic art and furniture of the apartment seem to personify Stone himself, a difficult feat to accomplish, but skillfully achieved by Bradfield.


The seemingly patriotic red, white, and blue nautical theme is carried out throughout the apartment. With bold pops of art work and furniture with captivating visuals and clean lines, the apartment is cohesively pulled together in design perfection. Beautiful views of the Hudson River are showcased throughout the apartment and serve as a backdrop for the bedroom designated as an office space to for Stone’s creative mastermind. Accessories add finishing touches to the eclectic furniture pieces , highlighting all of the neutral or blue shades of the overall color scheme, seen in almost all of the furniture.


The bedroom is a place of serenity, embracing the color palate but incorporating only minimal pops of red to ensure a serene sleeping environment. The use of art gives the room visual interest while the darker colors of the room are sure to enhance a good night’s sleep for the weary. The sea-faring atmosphere is sure to lull any person to sleep in this room. The bedroom, like the entire apartment, is the perfect blend of design expertise and a director’s individual taste, making it a masterpiece of New York City.Stone031

Photos Courtesy of Geoffrey Bradfield




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