Dinner Guest: Huy Bui

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or from history, who would it be?
The Dalai Lama.
What is your favorite color for your clothing?
For designs?
Vietnamese food you love best?
At the moment, I have a pho addiction.
Your go-to breakfast?
A bowl of kefir with granola and berries.
No. 1 houseplant?
Flower pick?
Baby’s breath.
Top plant shop or greenhouse?
The shop at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
How do you take your coffee, and where do you like to get it?
Black, at Devoción on Grand Street in Williamsburg.
Your cocktail?
Tequila on the rocks.
Ideal vacation spot?
Tulum, swimming in the cenote.
Drive, taxi or Uber?
Do you recycle?
Yes! I have an ongoing project of upcycling old doors into tables.

Portrait Photography Courtesy of Andrea Altemüller.

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