Editors’ Picks: 6 Sculptural Goods Inspiring Us This Month

Oddity Wallpaper Collection: Amazon, Fern | Rebel Walls
Want to explore the teeming life of the rainforest – without leaving your living room? You can get up close and personal with nature, without leaving an environmental footprint, any time you want. And it’s a perfect backdrop for your own house plants.

Melt Collection | Bower Studios for The Future Perfect
The Melt Collection captures the story of a series of objects that have undergone a transformation. Table tops, chair seats, wall mirrors; softly slumped over their respective rigid frames, supporting them into their final, functional resting place. Although these slab-like elements are made from different materials, they seem to share the same “melting point.”

Femme & Function tile collection | New Ravenna
This collection of handcrafted mosaics was created in celebration of the innovation and artistry of women throughout history. “May” is a waterjet stone mosaic shown in honed Ivory Cream with polished Iris, Viola and Olive Glazed Basalto™

Sideboard | R & Company
Designed and fabricated by Khaled El Mays, Lebanon, 2020. Wicker, wood, leather and brass.

Aquifer Mirror | Alexander Lamont
Aquifer is a modernist wall sculpture and mirror within Alexander Lamont’s Delta collection. Asymmetrical parchment elements rise and fall to create a bracelet surround accented with bronze cuffs. It has both a casual yet artistic presence in any room.

Harlow Collection | Bella Notte Linens
The Harlow Collection is defined by lavish cotton velvet accented with glistening charmeuse edges. Pictured above is Taline in Honeycomb, Harlow in Rouge, Ines in Cloud.

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