Editor’s Picks: 7 Goods On Our Minds This May

A reimagining of the Archibald armchair | Felipe Pantone x Poltrona Frau
On its 110th anniversary, Poltrona Frau has partnered with contemporary artist Felipe Pantone on an exclusive limited-edition collaboration. The Argentine-Spanish artist has completely reinvented the Archibald armchair, one of the brand’s most iconic models, in the style of his boundary-pushing art. The Archibald’s enigmatic form, first designed in 2009 by Jean-Marie Massaud, and Pantone’s hyper-modern artistic style, meet to create a radically new design object that marks a new chapter for the heritage brand.

Ether cement tile | Thatcher
As if a splash in one of Hockney’s paintings, Ether plays on the circuitous interplay of light’s reflections upon water and the perception of color traveling through earth’s atmosphere. Pictured here in pink and burgundy.

Asalina Wines | Wine for the World
Wine for the World is a young wine import company working exclusively with boutique producers and artisanal family vineyards, like Asalina Wines. Asalina was founded by Ntsiki Biyela, the first black woman winemaker in South Africa. She is a highly awarded winemaker, and in September 2017 was named among the Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink, by a joint effort of Food & Wine Magazine with Fortune Magazine.

Cachalot lamp | Ambientec
Yoshiki Matsuyama’s new portable lamp, created for the Japanese light-design brand, evokes the majestic and gracious form of a whale as it diffuses a sensation of peace and beauty throughout a space.

Oriente Italiano collection | Ginori 1735
Oriente Italiano is a collection of exotic beauty and Italian elegance. With its mix of colors you can create ever-changing table settings with a unique style. Pictured here: the “Spring Festival” set.

Fern Chair | Ken Kelleher x Love House
Like his work in sculpting, Ken Kelleher’s furniture is ultimately a dialogue between materials, shapes, colors and space. Dimensions: 23″L x 18″D x 42″H.

Anfibio sofa | Giovannetti
Designed by Alessandro Becchi together with Giovannetti, this iconic sofa, which can switch to a bed configuration with a simple movement, has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Featured in the prestigious exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, at the Museum of Modern Art in 1972, this pioneering product received so much appreciation that it is still a part of the MoMA’s permanent design exhibition, and since then it has been exhibited in 13 museums worldwide.

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