Keita Turner Identifies The Top 10 Design Trends Of 2021

This year’s fall High Point Market might have looked different due to COVID-19, but that didn’t stop their dedicated team of Style Spotters from determining exhibitors’ best and most on-trend products. For those who couldn’t attend themselves, we checked in with designer Keita Turner for her favorite products from the market, and the design trends she expects to see in 2021.

The Triumphant Return of the Great Room

The world has changed dramatically over the last year and we have found ourselves spending more time at home than we ever dreamed possible. The great room first made popular in American homes during the early 1990s, is seeing a resurgence due to our recent “stay at home” circumstances. Because the great room usually serves as the hub of family time bonding, whether that be for entertainment, recreation, and relaxation, it needs to be furnished properly with sofa and sectional frames starting at 40″ deep and scaling deeper from there, offering ultimate comfort and “curl up into it” ease. After all, great rooms are the ideal casual living space in the home that bring families closer together! Enter the namesake of this favorite trend spotted during market, Great Room, Century Furniture’s newest modern scaled upholstery series, which brings a fresh and present-day sensibility to the home. Designed for today’s larger scaled rooms, the Great Room series offers a range of frame choices, arm styles, and bases to choose from, giving flexibility and design options galore to the customer.

The Natural Wicker Collective

The beauty of natural wickerwork, outside of the fact that it is environmentally-friendly, is how the natural vine or grass material is woven or interlaced into distinctive patterns. When this same process of wickerwork, the weaving of willowy branches, is applied around wooden or metal frames to produce cabinets, chests, chairs, daybeds, desks, dressers, tables, sofas, and light fixtures among others, it becomes known as wicker furniture. Natural wicker furniture is made from a variety of natural materials, such as reed, cane, rattan, seagrass, bamboo, and willow, making it both the practical and stylish furnishings choice for family rooms, home offices, bedrooms, infant and children’s rooms, and enclosed outdoor patios. The Isla Raffia Collection from Made Goods, the Journey Wicker Daybed from the Lauren Liess Collection by Taylor King, and the Jai-Alai Collection by Corbett Lighting for Hudson Valley Lighting Group (seen above) are some of our favorite natural wicker collections spotted at the Fall 2020 High Point Market!

Cocktail or Coffee?

One of the most purposeful and utilized piece of furniture in a home’s living space is the coffee or cocktail table. The origin of its design was created to be used as the name implies, a place to serve and enjoy coffee or cocktails, along with the accompanying baked goods or hors d’oeuvres. But, in today’s market, this important piece of furniture is expected to do so much more to meet the needs of the multidimensional consumer. We want our cocktail and coffee tables to anchor our living space, while conjoining our sofa, sectional, or lounge chair seating arrangements. We need them to complement the aesthetic direction of our decor and perform their intended purpose with creative smart functionality, beauty, and style. This fall market at High Point was serving up quite a few attractive cocktail and coffee tables in a welcoming variety of shapes, styles, types, mix of material, and function, including Kindel’s Concorde Round Coffee Table, the Chalamet Coffee Table from Mr. Brown, and Currey and Company’s new Visby Calcutta Pepper Bench. Cocktail and coffee table designs that can serve us best and keep pace with today’s ever-evolving lifestyles are going to continue to be in high demand.

Unexpected Secrets

As designers, we are always on the hunt for furnishings that will provide beauty, utility, joy, and unexpected pleasure to our clients. We love discovering new pieces made from natural fibers and materials. It’s a bonus when these pieces are created as functional art and offer an alternative to the Western definition of modern design. Furnishings that masterfully and tastefully integrate nature, traditional craft, and innovative technologies in creative, organic, and expressive ways, always evoke an immediate visceral effect – in a positive way. The Chiquita Stool by award-winning furniture designer and manufacturer, Kenneth Cobonpue, arouses such a response. The Chiquita stool has a secret to tell but only for those fortunate enough to enjoy its charms. Rigid-looking vertical sections of rattan poles unexpectedly recede into the seat for a pleasant surprise and sitting experience like no other. In our book, this was one of our favorite furniture pieces spotted during the Fall 2020 High Point Market. It’s a FUN must-have and a pleasant must-sit!

Clean and Modern

The trademark of great design is effortless sophistication. When great design is represented through fine heirloom-quality furniture, you have an ideal combination that can be passed along to the next generation. True artisan handcrafted and bench-made furniture that is timeless can be restored, reupholstered, and then loved over many lifetimes. This is why we are huge fans of furnishings featuring upscale design, fine craftsmanship, unique materials, clean lines, distinctly modern styling, and thoughtful details allowing for the very effortless sophistication we desire. The clean upholstery and simple lines of the Kim Bed by Hickory Chair (seen above) are chic and timeless. The modern shape barrel back, wide arm rail, weltless clean upholstery, deep seating for comfort, and block feet on Thibaut’s Sloane Chair, elevate the lounging experience in any environment. We are loving the swivel mechanism and perfect pitch of back and seat on Chaddock’s Lucy Swivel. The idea of beauty in art realized through furniture making is more than evident in Bernhardt’s Bonaire Sofa. We were inspired by the precision detailing and artisan handcrafted passion emanating from both the Shift Sconce by Kings Haven and the Galahad Large Linear Chandelier by Visual Comfort Lighting. We are smitten by the timeless refinement of the Chesapeake round outdoor dining table in natural grade A teak by Universal Furniture, featuring a tabletop design of concentric squares. The Pearce Console Table, a dual pedestal console with Baltic flair, boast surprisingly clean lines and hidden storage! The modern simple shape and eternal elegance of the Angel Console by Julian Chichester comforts the soul. It’s the perfect piece for an entry foyer or to be used as a sofa table. After all, we can all use angels in our lives!

Start with the Art

Large abstract art and paintings can do marvelous things for an interior environment. But, you shouldn’t necessarily buy art to match your interiors. In fact, perhaps you should do quite the opposite. Start with the art. Know that furniture can come later. What do we mean by this? Design trends come and go and many people do not hold onto the same furniture. But, a valuable art collection can ride with you throughout your lifetime. Large abstract paintings can aesthetically set the tone or define a room, and inevitably help bring all of the furnishings and decorative elements in a room together. If your home is sizable, large abstract art can also help interrelate the grandness of the space to the human scale of the décor. Don’t worry about where it will fit in your current or future homes. Most available art in the marketplace is curated for residential buyers and will fit on one of the bare walls in your home. Through unique color palettes, strong and harmonious composition, and energetic and striking patterns, large abstracts can establish the ideal mood in our homes, whether we seek a calm, lively, or subdued atmosphere.

The art above is titled, “Hologram” and its mixed media on canvas, 71×78 inches. It’s a one-of-a-kind, original piece by Charles Harold Marksberry, who also happens to be the owner and a contributing artist to the Charles Harold Company.

Create Your Own

Furniture customization programs have been gaining popularity over the last few years. We are seeing many more of the well positioned and better known furniture brands entering this niche market and offering their own versions of furniture customization programs. For instance, Kravet Furniture introduced in 2020 its latest custom program: Kravet Furniture ICreate. The ICreate Program allows designers to create their own furniture in just a few simple steps. Spanning almost every room in the home, the ICreate offering includes chests, tables, ottomans, benches, beds and upholstery. Each category offers ultimate customization, with many options offering choices for base, finish, size, treatment and fabric, as well as specialty hardware from designer favorite Addison Weeks on ICreate chests and beds.

Statement Hardware

Hardware is an important finishing touch that elevates and polishes off your cabinets and drawers. Choosing a unique piece of casegoods furniture featuring statement knobs or pulls is a great way to add a major dose of luxury and character to your space. Two of our favorite style spotted statement-making cabinet pieces with luxurious larger than life hardware were the elegant Edmonson cabinet from Arteriors Home (seen above), and the Vologne sideboard from John-Richard.

Convergence: West Meets East

The Fansipan Side Chair (sold in pairs), from Cavalletto Home, was a favorite new product find from this Fall 2020 High Point Market! With the Fansipan collection, mid-century silhouettes merge with ancient Far East influences artisan furniture making techniques by combining open grain oak and leather to yield our perspective on organic modern design. The Fansipan chairs are super comfortable. Fansipan chairs feature Banco Brown finished oak with hand-laced brown leather seats and backs. The hand-laced leather back and seat offer just the right amount of tension, give, and resistance required for comfort. Fansipan chairs are available with an optional Stelvio TDM leather seat cushion for additional cush under the tush!

For more 2021 design trends, be sure to check out these insights from top designers.

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