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If she were to make a documentary, DC interior designer Laura Hodges would make it on environments. Not nature’s many wonders though; environments of sustainable interiors and their ability to transform our emotions, senses, and well being. Hodges, an impassioned environment artist, runs her interior design firm serving Baltimore and DC, with a mission to create the space the client wants; one that will benefit them in more ways than aesthetically. With use of color, shape, texture, and detail, Hodges has touched the homes of many, and brought people fulfillment and contentment through her work in their spaces. Hodges is also the curator of Domain, a Maryland decor shop offering hand-selected unique offerings. Chosen by Hodges, these pillows, rugs, ceramics, and jewelry are more than pretty gifts; they’re keys to unlocking a home’s fullest potential with unconventional and obsess-able additions. This Designer Friday, Laura talks about that documentary dream, and gives us insights from a dame of decoration. With rustic wood and stone, Hodges combines two aged mediums with eclectic tables and lighting to bring about a well-balanced kitchen.

Andrew Joseph – How do you maintain a work/life balance?
Laura Hodges – It’s a daily struggle! With two young children, there’s always something on the calendar whether it’s work or home, so the key is to keep track of what’s most meaningful for us. Just as we purge our closets, we have to purge our calendar once in a while to make sure we’re only committing to things that we value.

Andrew – Dream country to work in? Or dream project to take on.
Laura – My dream project would be a boutique hotel where every room has a different design scheme and evokes a unique feeling. The idea would be that your overall experience can be fresh and exciting every time you stay.

Andrew – What’s inspiring you in life (in the industry) right now?
Laura – I’m really finding a lot of inspiration in lighting innovations right now. Designing with light adds a layer of sophistication to any space and I’m excited to see how playing with light, shadow and reflection can create new layers of visual interest. Neutrals are always in bloom; especially when paired with dark wood and golden mirrors.

Andrew – A skill you’re working on mastering?
Laura – I’ve recently rediscovered my love of piano so I started taking lessons again… right along with my two young boys. My (limited but precious) free time is now spent listening to and playing jazz and blues piano.

Andrew – If you made a documentary, what would it be about?
Laura – If I made a documentary it would be about how our environments are so important to our well being and how good (and sustainable) design can affect our daily lives.

Andrew – Who is your ideal client?
Laura – My ideal clients are educated professionals with an appreciation of art and creativity… and a really great sense of humor. Hodges’ naturalistic side takes root in this family room centered around a tree-trunk coffee table and fresh flowers.

About Laura Hodges | 
A boutique design firm located in the Baltimore / Washington DC area, Laura Hodges Studio focuses on creating the ultimate in beautiful, tailored spaces while fully expressing every client’s individual style and taste.

Principal Laura Hodges is known for an international aesthetic along with a love for unique and dynamic environments. Laura’s childhood home was located in a small, picturesque town in northern England and her love of design began in early childhood. Influenced by a Norwegian grandmother, British mother and Jamaican father, Laura developed an early appreciation for travel and diverse cultures, having traveled extensively to over thirty countries — from Greece and Morocco to Thailand and Peru.

After moving to New York to pursue her studies, Laura earned a bachelors degree in business and an interior design degree from the New York School of Interior Design, with additional studies in music and culinary arts. Following graduation, Laura was mentored by and worked with distinguished New York-based interior designers Jamie Drake and Thomas Jayne.

The Laura Hodges Studio’s signature aesthetic is bold classicism defined simply as high contrast, clean and classic design. It’s timeless and tailored, incorporating unique vintage and antique finds, local art and influences, eclectic styles and natural elements.

Laura has completed projects in Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey and New York. In 2018, Home & Design featured Laura as one of their ‘Designers to Watch’.

About Andrew Joseph | Andrew Joseph’s passion for design and rich journalistic history led to the launch of his boutique PR firm in 2012. Prior to enjoying the successes of Andrew Joseph PR, Andrew honed his editorial skills at Vanity Fair and Allure. This experience, as well as the strong network of contacts developed over the years in public relations, brings a valuable edge to his new role as contributing editor. Let the musing begin.

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