Product Launch: Tightrope Unveils The Loupe Mirror

Inspired by the jeweler’s loupe, the Loupe Mirror from Tightrope features a round convex or flat mirror, a solid aluminum peg hook, and a solid maple or walnut parquet-pattern frame.

“A mirror was something I had wanted to design for a while. When Tina Ramchandani needed a mirror for her show space in ASPIRE HOUSE: The Heritage At Claremont, I jumped at the opportunity,” says Victoria Young, co-founder of Tightrope. “We settled on a 30-inch diameter convex mirror with an overall dimension of 4 feet by 3 feet.”


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Head to Tightrope’s Instagram page to see the building process.

The design is ultimately part of Tightrope’s Green Initiative to reduce workshop waste. “Sustainability is an important part of our practice at Tightrope, so I decided to use off-cuts in a parquet style,” explains Young. “By using parquetry, the walnut frame looks like patchwork or basket weave. To complete the jeweler’s loupe look, I hung the mirror on a handmade aluminum peg with a black finish.”


“I had a lot of fun working on this piece. Cutting and placing the pieces for the frame was like playing a game of Tetris mixed with Jenga. At one point I had to literally jump into my work by cutting out the inner circle from the inside! It is by far the largest piece I ever made from off-cuts. It felt really good to create something so beautiful out of what some would deem ‘scrap.'”

The Loupe Mirror is available on the Tightrope website in three sizes as well as the choice of maple or walnut. Please contact the company directly if you wish to place a custom order.

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