Luxury Living In New York City: Ample Options

New York is huge, and it has many districts that are more expensive than the rest of the country. Manhattan may be the most expensive place to live in the United States. Now you’d think that extreme expense may automatically equal luxury, but you wouldn’t be right. You can’t go by price alone.

Sometimes the priciest spots aren’t all that stylish on the inside. Sometimes you’ll find a luxurious arrangement that’s just a short drive from town center, or in a converted office building. It’s always worth doing your due diligence in terms of searching. This is especially true if there are certain apartment amenities which represent a priority for you.Photo Credit

Look At More Than One Unit

Here’s a good rule of thumb when you’re hunting for luxury options in NYC: look at a minimum of five units. If they are truly luxurious, nobody’s going to buy them out from under you. Sure, there’s demand, but by necessity, true luxury isn’t usually going to be selling as quickly owing to its cost. So look at a few units and don’t be pressured. Check out ten or fifteen if you like. When it comes to luxury, you should only go with what you want, not settle.

Here are some luxury apartments in NYC that feature a number of amenities and design idiosyncrasies which are truly remarkable. On the upper east side, these units are truly changing the game when it comes to luxury in The Big Apple.

Meanwhile, you’ll find rooms for 19 Dutch, there is a new building spicing up the skyline in Lower Manhattan. Recently constructed units tend to have a lot of value, and sometimes you can even purchase apartments. Buy right, and you’ll see your property expand in value even while you live there. You can chek more here:

But if you really want to go with top-tier luxury in New York, there’s an even more interesting and adventurous consideration that often goes overlooked. The question becomes: what sort of budget are you really working with? If you’ve got to ask that question, you might not have enough. However, you may be surprised at what a small sum will get you.

Living In Luxury on the Adjacent Seas

Have you ever considered a yacht, or houseboat? Here’s the difference: a yacht is designed for the high seas, whereas a houseboat is basically just a home that floats on the water. Both can be moved, but the yacht is built for travel, while the houseboat should only be moved slowly and strategically. Still, for only $60k—the price of a new car—you can own a houseboat in Queens; move it where you like.

The cost of upkeep and mooring will likely be much less than the luxury of an apartment, but what apartment can you unhitch from the dock and take out into the middle of a lake for a night of partying? Not a one.Photo Credit

Finding Your Best Living Solution

Buying property in New York City is a bit of a difficult proposition owing to the ubiquitous urbanization of the city proper. Homes will require a huge commute into the city. Unless most of your business is away from the center of NYC, this can be a real issue. Accordingly, people buy apartments as an alternative. But a houseboat could give you the best of both worlds, if you’re careful to upkeep it.

Whatever you choose, NYC has solutions for you. Look around, do your homework, consider multiple units, and don’t let yourself get bogged down by traditional living arrangements. Luxury is everywhere, and even big budgets may find cost-effective solutions provide considerable comfort.

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