Maker Monday: Up Close With Beth Dempsey

Not all Makers create product, some make opportunities for others to display their work, bringing together culture, creativity, and collaboration. As noted by Business of Home, Beth Dempsey is “is a driving force in the lifestyle PR arena.” From Victoria’s Secret to Starbucks to design clients F. Schumacher & Sons and John Hardy, Beth is a marketing force to be reckoned with. As a business entertainer, Beth has founded Greenwich Design District, an annual Day of Design featuring panels, events, and launches, and Paris’ Ancien et Moderne, a Deco-Off week pop-up. With January, and Ancien et Moderne quickly approaching, we got to know marketing mogul Beth for this week’s #MakerMonday. Meet Beth below, and if you are in Paris for design week, don’t miss this year’s Wonderland-themed Ancien et Moderne, open January 16 to 20th at 16 rue Guenegaud, with product from Clarence House, Michelle Nussbaumer, Fisher Weisman, Benjamin Moore, Iksel, Hope Swales, Interiuers, and Casa Lopez.

The 2019 Ancien et Moderne pop-up included offerings from Brooklyn-based studio Voutsa.

Andrew Joseph: What makes you angry?
Beth Dempsey: When people do NOT RESPECT and VALUE others. Everyone is worthy of respect!

Andrew: What is the last book you read?
Beth: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. It’s about a therapist, her therapist and all of the patients. Everyone can relate and most of your friends and family and clients are characters in the book. You laugh, you cry and at the end are incredibly grateful for all the crazy people in your life including yourself.

Andrew: What are your ideal weekend plans?
Beth: Taking a walk on the beach or in nature, curling up with a good book, cooking fabulous dinner with family and friends, sitting around and laughing until your sides hurt.

Andrew: How would you describe your personal style?
Beth: “Vintage with a twist.” I always like to look a little to the past honor it and then make a twist. I love to dress in a way that feels modern. I’m a big collector of vintage clothing, especially from the ’60s. It was such an interesting time in terms of culture, art, fashion, music and freedom of expression.

Ancien et Moderne 2018 appeared as a shoppable design installation in the heart of Paris!

Andrew: What’s your biggest fear in life?
Beth: To be lost. I always want to have a sense of direction and have a purpose.

Andrew: Favorite piece of clothing you own?
Beth: A 60’s blood orange Courrege dress that was the uniform of Bergdorf Goodman elevator girls.

Andrew: Must-have clothing item everyone should have?
Beth: A cashmere throw. You can wear and also share it. Great traveling companion, too.

About The Maker | Beth Dempsey, president and founder of Images and Details, Inc., is a driving force in the lifestyle p.r. arena. In 1989, she established Images & Details, Inc. (I&D), with the premise of providing clients with the in-depth type of service typically only found in-house. Her diverse client base includes members of the fashion, retail, design and beauty industries. Creative business strategies with superior results are her expertise. Over the years, she has built a sterling reputation in marketing to the luxury goods sector. Clients gain from her expertise along with her connections in the design and lifestyle sectors. Campaigns have included 150th Anniversary Toledo Museum of Art, The Worth Collection, Chaumet’s Tiara Exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the opening of Ilias Lalounas, the re-launch of Prima Classe, the introduction of Montblanc’s first brand extension – watches. Some of her publicity campaigns in the retail sector have included Victoria’s Secret, Dress Barn, Casual Corner, Starbucks, Shanghai Tang, Troy, Property, Interieurs, and Warehouse of London. Though each program was tailored to the individual client, all were created to maximize exposure, build awareness and increase clientele. Beth’s love of quality and fine design has been a strong point in expanding services to the design community. Clients such as John Hardy, Maya Romanoff, Michael Wainwright and the Antiques Roadshow rely on Beth’s experience for launching and building ongoing campaigns. Other clients, like F. Schumacher & Sons, seek her out to reposition an established business. A testament to Beth’s ability to provide ongoing, innovative service is that her first client Camilla Dietz Bergeron, an antiques and period estate jewelry designer, is still with her after twenty years. Beth’s long partnership with designer John Hardy has enabled him to become a household name in the jewelry industry. Her strength lies in making the right connections and partnerships happen to help clients reach their goals. Beth’s affiliations with trade organizations such as Fashion Group International, Luxury Marketing Council, Diamond Information Center, Accessories Council, New York Design Center, DIFFA, and WITHIT continually allow her to be “in the know”. Beth believes in giving back to the community, donating time and creativity in order to build awareness for key causes that affect both the fashion and design community. She is an active member of: Design Industries Fighting for Aids, Alpha Workshops, Design Cares, and the American Red Cross Association.

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