Maker Monday: Claire Crowe

Dallas-based metalworker and designer Claire Crowe began creating custom fireplace screens and home decor not out of business prowess, but out of a lack of available product that resonated with her and her home. When she began creating ornate, metal fire screens, she realized the potential for a greater venture than the one she had initially intended. In 2010, the Claire Crowe Collection was launched with an accompanying showroom in the Dallas Design District, and became one of the best selling woman-owned metalworks businesses in the nation over the past decade. Aside from their renowned fire screens, the Collection offers geode-top tables, aragonite home decor, wall decor, and lighting based in precious minerals. Claire’s talent for blending gorgeous stones with various ornate metals gives her work a luxurious, artisan feel, and sets her pieces apart from traditional decor. Meet Claire in this week’s Maker Monday below, and shop her collection at

Crowe spreads her wings with this metal flock of butterflies created for a custom kitchen.

Andrew Joseph: What’s one book everyone should read?
Claire Crowe: “The Power of Now” – the most freeing concept and one over which you have total control – who doesn’t want that?

Andrew: Your affirmation for today?
Claire: You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.

Andrew: Song you could listen to on repeat?
Claire: Look Up, Child.

This floral fantasy room boasts a Claire Crowe fire screen centerpiece.

Andrew: Sweet or savory?
Claire: Sweet, all day long, preferably with extra sugar and a little sprinkling of salt to drive it home.

Andrew: Before leaving the house, you always…
Claire: Give Violet the cat a hug after admonishing her not to use the new chairs as her scratching post while I’m away.

About The Maker | After a frustrating search for beautiful screens and fireplace accessories for my home, I was inspired to design my own. This led to the beginning of my company, armed with just a sketchpad. Starting in 2012, Claire Crowe Collection has grown from a one-woman operation to a fully equipped design studio and manufactory, located in Dallas’ Design District. We specialize in beautifully crafted objects for home, with an emphasis on nature-inspired fire screens and furnishings, mineral lighting and hand carved stone accessories. By mixing the raw and the refined, the natural and man-made, each design trace its origins to earth before its transformation in the studio. All of our products are infused with the history and tradition of the hands who have created them. Our goal is to sustain and elevate these age old methods through a contemporary design process.

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