Maker Monday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Michele Rondelli

This week’s #MakerMonday is Michele Rondelli, Creative Director of Switzerland textile brand, ZigZagZurich. In an interview with Andrew Joseph, Rondelli walks us through a perfect weekend and talks about being in the right place at the right time.

This Satoshi wool blanket, designed in collaboration with Sophie Probst, pays tribute to the elegant style of Japanese graphics. 

Andrew: What are your ideal weekend plans?
Michele Rondelli: My ideal weekend would be very chill and definitely during the summer when I can enjoy my garden. Ideally, I’d start off Saturday morning cuddling my loved ones, followed by an immediate jealousy attack by a very possessive French Bull Dog. I would try getting up not too late so that the day is not entirely wasted. Breakfast, which means some freestyle fresh juices to hope to get my adequate detox dose, a few Cappuccinos, and a toasted bagel, eaten somewhere in the garden with a newspaper or magazine. I love to go then to the market or the farmers’ little shops to get fresh food for dinner. In the afternoon, I usually will do some sports and long walks either in the beautiful surrounding hills of Zurich, or when down in Spain, on the beach. In the late afternoon, I’m back in the kitchen, cooking for a couple of hours and turning the freshly bought Octopus into a delicious dinner, perhaps the Pulpo a la Gallega Style?

No doubt, with my Italian origin, cooking has always been something very important and social in my upbringing. My grandmother had two large wooden fired stoves going in her kitchen in Swiss Italy and there was always something cooking or baking – and guess what, all family dramas were discussed on that kitchen table too! I like to invite my friends over before dinner and cook together. It is the best time to chat about everything, have fun together and enjoy the making of food just the same as the eating.

Sunday is my private (hangover) day.

This exquisite Hanae wool blanket design by Rondelli and Sophie Probst is jacquard woven from pure New Zealand wool. 

Andrew: Favorite cocktail?
Michele: For the ultimate perfect colour of red: Campari on the rocks, a glass of sparkling Pellegrino water on the side, and a slice of lemon.

Andrew: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
Michele: I enjoy leaving my mobile phone at home. People think I am a people person, which is true, but I equally love to spend time with myself. I realize that in these evolving times of mobility and connectivity, my true luxury is to pull out and enjoy a moment of silence. Silence is essential to reflect, prioritize, to give creativity time to create and to allow visions to mature. I like to go to places that are set back in times and remained authentic and honest.

This Grecian-inspired blanket – Mythos One by George Greaves – is impeccably tasteful, totally reflecting the experimental spirit of ZigZagZurich.

Andrew: Secret Talent?
Michele: My secret talent is to be at the right time and the right place. For some reasons this is true in so many situations, – it was almost absurd to be so spot on.

Andrew: What makes you angry?
Michele: People who are constantly so off, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Really??

About The Maker | Michele Rondelli is a Swiss-born interior architect educated in Switzerland and in Paris, France. He then worked for major architectural and design companies in the U.S. and Asia. His tasteful design approach and unique sense for Zeitgeist can be found in many international private projects but also in the public segment. Since 2015 he was appointed as the Creative Director for ZigZagZurich and 4Spaces, two innovative and leading textile brands headquartered in Zurich Switzerland.

Andrew Joseph is a regular contributing editor for ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME magazine. See more of his work here

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