Maker Monday: Marika Meyer

A good designer knows that weaving a personal touch into a project is a way to leave a lasting impression. With over ten years of design experience under her belt, Washington, DC-based firm owner Marika Meyer brought her signature style to the next level with the creation of Marika Meyer Textiles, an exclusive line of three practical collections of fabric for designer use. Combining her lifelong passion for fine arts with her expertise of home needs, her fabrics bring not only Marika’s touch to any room they are in, but the designers’ as well. Because her designs are customizable in color, the “Flora,” “Sterrett,” and “Octavo” collections are an ideal way for designers to use fabrics they know their clients will love, while also leaving their own creative mark on the project. Join Marika and I in a discussion for this week’s Maker Monday.Neutral bases combined with bespoke patterns make Meyer’s textiles a universal good choice.

Andrew Joseph – What’s your wakeup ritual?
Marika Meyer – I have the pleasure of being woken up by two small human alarm clocks each and every morning. Most mornings I take an immediate elbow or knee in my abdomen as they try to climb into bed for a snuggle. Nothing like a sharp blow in the belly to get you going!

Andrew – Favorite piece of clothing you own?
Marika – Hands down, my Chanel Patent Leather Boots.

Andrew – Last piece of content you consumed that made you cry?
Marika – Bloopers — I literally laugh so hard when I watch them that I cry out loud. I watched a series of people tripping over bicycles on Bloopers last night and had tears streaming down my face.

Andrew – A song you can listen to on repeat?
Marika – Anything by U2. They are hands down my favorite band and I can listen to Joshua Tree on repeat for hours.

Andrew – What’s your biggest fear in life?
Marika – Mediocrity.

Andrew – What modern design trend makes you cringe?
Marika – It is not necessarily a trend, but I have a very strong aversion to polka dots. My team laughs at me all the time because they totally freak me out.

Andrew – What’s your current TV obsession?
Marika – I can’t get enough of Naked & Afraid on Discovery Channel. This is incredibly ironic because I am the least likely person on earth to be caught spending a single night outdoors Glamping let alone anything requiring survival tactics.

Andrew – Secret talent?
Marika – I was a junior championship Duckpin bowler in 5th grade. I am still pretty good.

Andrew – Best advice you’d give your teenage self?
Marika – Eat more! Had I know what would happen to my metabolism as I aged I would have indulged in many more french fries. As Marika knows, a fabric can make or break a room. Mix and matching the right patterns can be a visually interesting choice, especially on pillows!Meyer’s designs are pretty in pink, pale blue, and petaled curtains.

About Marika Meyer | A native Washingtonian, Marika established Marika Meyer Interiors in 2007 in Washington, D.C. with the vision of creating well-proportioned environments that are elegant and sophisticated yet welcoming, livable, and absolutely personal — the very definition of feeling right at home. An alumna of Sidwell Friends School, Marika received a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University and studied Interior Design at the Corcoran School of Design.

Marika Meyer Interiors has grown to become one of the most sought after design firms in the area. The firm’s work has been featured in Traditional Home, Interiors, House Beautiful, Washingtonian, Luxe Magazine, Home and Design Magazine and The Washington Post among others. She is also a sought after design advisor and contributor to charitable causes such as Joseph’s House, Room to Rebloom and the Children’s Hospital D.C. Design House.

In 2016, Marika launched Marika Meyer Textiles to marry her love of fine art with the practical needs of a well-designed home. The line is a combination of her love and passion for painting and her desire to create fabrics that can serve as the foundation for a room. Marika enjoys spending her free time with her husband, Michael, and their two young sons — who prove everyday that stain-resistant fabrics are worth every penny.

About Andrew Joseph | Andrew Joseph’s passion for design and rich journalistic history led to the launch of his boutique PR firm in 2012. Prior to enjoying the successes of Andrew Joseph PR, Andrew honed his editorial skills at Vanity Fair and Allure. This experience, as well as the strong network of contacts developed over the years in public relations, brings a valuable edge to his new role as contributing editor. Let the musing begin.

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