Natufia Is Bringing Farm To Table Freshness Directly To Your Kitchen

Natufia, born five years ago in Estonia, operates by the doctrine “produce where we consume.” The company, distributed by Purcell Murray in the US, is setting out to help users transform their lives, by growing food directly in the kitchen. They have taken the concept of “farm to table” one step further, by creating a Hydroponic Home Kitchen Garden, inspired by a forward-thinking and holistic approach to healthy living.

With a team of technologists, architects, botanists and chefs, Natufia has made it possible to grow food to scale for all your family’s produce, right at home. The plants and herbs are available to harvest immediately for cooking and eating, giving life to your diet, and transforming the way you experience your food. Offering an upgraded approach to wellness based on the simple idea of using home grown ingredients, Natufia invites users to develop a conscious and continuous relationship with their food and its origins.

“Natufia lets you move away from preservatives to nutrition-rich herbs and produce. This alone means it belongs in every home,” says Veronica Schreibeis Smith, CEO & Founder of Vera Iconica Architecture. “Plus, it’s beautifully designed and can be integrated into any aesthetic.”

Created with a design-oriented lifestyle in mind, the system integrates seamlessly into the user’s existing kitchen cabinets. Natufia is able to produce enough to feed a whole family, yet does not disrupt the flow of a modern kitchen layout.

Robust and highly technological automatics take care of your plants 24/7 and support an abundant offering of up to 32 unique plants, simultaneously. The company has made themselves an industry disruptor by creating an entirely self-regulated system that manages temperature, hydration, humidity, nutrient distribution and even supplies plants with music that has been proven to support the growth process. Users can choose from a diverse and wide array of plant and herb options, such as flowers, greens, and lettuce. However, thanks to Natufia’s advanced technology and ability to provide individual and specialized environments (controlled water, ph, air circulation), users can grow a plant of any origin, with guaranteed success and longevity. Seed pods can simply be ordered and re-ordered through Natufia’s site, much like an espresso pod.

Harvested just before consumption, Natufia produce is impeccably fresh, and always free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and pollutants. Natufia seeds are also Demeter certified, which is the highest biodynamic certification available. Whole foods grown by Natufia offer optimal nutritional value; oxidation of plants happens rapidly, so the sooner we pick a plant or herb and eat it, the more we experience its uncompromised health benefits.

Natufia’s impact extends from the inside out by creating an innovative system designed to contribute to the practice of sustainable living. When you grow your own produce, you not only eliminate the packaging involved, but the waste associated with the process of transporting plants to other regions and countries. The Natufia Hydroponic Home Kitchen Garden uses significantly less water than traditional agriculture/farming. Furthermore, the water it consumes is contained in a closed circuit, allowing it to recycle for 10 days. Natufia operates on the simple, yet dynamic, guiding principle “ what’s good for you is good for the earth.”

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