New Ravenna Broad Street

New Ravenna is pleased to introduce Broad Street, a collection of nine glass mosaics inspired by nature. The mosaics are handcrafted by artisans in Virginia using New Ravenna’s jewel and Serenity glasses in mixed finishes. The collection is a collaboration by New Ravenna’s own creative team and artists and designers from around the country.

The artwork for the collection explores scenes from nature, such as lush greens that create a vertical garden, interlacing patterns of snakeskin, light reflecting on a pool of water, gentle gradations of a misty morning, and a screen of palm fronds. The large, repeating pattern of textile designer Kevin O’Brien’s signature design, “Weeping Willow“, becomes a textured, ombre expanse of branches and leaves in its mosaic form.

Chincoteague Island artist Gail Miller’s “Black Pool” panel uses 28 glass colors to replicate the moody hues from her original acrylic painting. This collection includes “Mod Palm”, the first tile design by award-winning interior designer Joni Vanderslice. Vanderslice, owner and founder of J Banks Design, is known for her skill of blending contemporary and traditional styles in both residential and hospitality design. The idea for Mod Palm stemmed from a personal photograph and takes on an entirely new dimension in mosaic. Intensity in color and texture are magnified in each individual tile, with the larger composition revealing a detailed work of art that is suitable for both home and resort.

Cean Irminger, the company’s newly appointed creative director, contributes “The Glade” to this collection, designed in a playful vintage art deco style. Irminger says of Broad Street, “Our muse has always been nature. In this collection, we took scenes and patterns from the outdoors and interpreted them using styles from different artistic periods such as Impressionism, Art Deco illustration, and Realism. We’re thrilled to show off the scope of our abilities and continue the heritage of mosaics as custom works of art. Over the past 26 years, we’ve found that glass is a wonderful material to work with at this level of artistic detail; it also offers us an incredible range of color to play with. Our company resides on “Broad Street” in Exmore, Virginia, and the name is a nod to the history, the people, and the home that helped to shape our artistic vision. The Broad Street collection builds on our past and reflects our commitment to innovation and collaboration.”

Each pattern can be fully customized with the client’s preferences to fit the scope of any commercial or residential project. The materials and dimensions can be customized to decorate almost any interior wall space, or can stand alone as a framed work of art. The collection is available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai. 

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