Photo(s) of the Week: Casa Gòmez by SOSTUDIO

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Casa Gòmez by Sostudio, Puerto Cancún, Mexico

Completed in 2012, this ultra-modern residence along the white, sandy beach of the gated Puerto Cancún development is designed to take a deconstructive approach to architecture. The enormous windows are designed to take in the views of the canal and hotel zone of Cancún, and erode the distinctions between indoor and outdoor space. The innovative geometry of the home emphasizes functional structure, while playing with avant garde shapes and lines. Bright and colorful interior lighting, many of which are done in neon, radiates out through the expansive glass. Thus, from the many tourist attractions around this building, the view is of an incredible residential sculpture of concrete and light.

According to the architects:

“The choosing of materials and textures was key to create unusual environments of marked avant-garde tendency, combining the balance among the apparent concrete walls, granite and wood floors, big windows and the glass and aluminum covers, besides specific Bisazza mosaic accents.”

These variations in textures, juxtaposed against each other, plays up the defining qualities of each material, so often taken for granted in “normal” residences.

Photography by José Gallardo and Maribel Garzón, courtesy of Sergio Orduña Architects and Freshome.

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