Six Essential Facts To Know Before Buying A Mattress

You know you need a new mattress, but are you willing to get the same type of mattress? Think about your sleep quality, the longevity of your old mattress and whether your own body and sleep habits have changed over time. Then investigate your options, like memory foam vs spring or the variety of bed foundations. After this, you will likely conclude that it’s time to make a change.

Here are six essential facts to know before closing on a new mattress.

1) Buy New

This kind of goes without saying. Still, students, travelers and others in temporary housing situations may be tempted to purchase used mattresses. Considering the number of affordable, new mattresses available there is no reason to settle for a used mattress. A recent survey of online mattress start-ups revealed that there are 175 online mattress companies. That’s a lot of choices. A few will easily rise to the top of your list.

2) Embrace Sleep Tech

Sleep tech is more than just wearing your workout tracker to bed. Sleep tech is also about the perfect mattress. If you think about it, practically every product and service is being re-developed with personalization in mind. Mattresses are no different.

The ongoing memory foam vs spring debate will likely continue for over the next few generations, however, memory foam was designed for personalization from the very beginning. Viscoelastic materials, or memory foam, respond to heat and pressure. As you sleep, your body’s heat conforms the mattress to your personal contours. This sleep technology was originally developed for NASA and was met with great success.

3) Embrace Your Partner’s Sleep Habits

Spring mattresses shift when a sleeping partner moves. These kinds of low-level disturbances can disrupt sleep. You might be accustomed to this, but if you try a memory foam mattress the difference can be startling.

Since the foam conforms to the sleeper’s shape, your area of the mattress will be unaffected when your partner changes position.

4) Memory Foam and Longevity

Sleep analysts are beginning to realize that memory foam mattresses improve an older person’s quality of sleep. As we get older, our bodies tend to develop numerous pain points in areas like our joints, our backs and our pelvis.

Pain points cause sleep disturbances and prompt movement throughout the night. In the morning we may find that we “slept wrong,” or twisted something during the course of the night. Memory foam counteracts these movements and improves sleep quality and indirectly our own longevity.

5) Mattresses for Sleepers With Back Pain

Consumers used to believe that memory foam mattresses were the softest ones available. This misinformation led many sleepers with back pain to shy away from the memory foam market. A preference for spring mattresses was fostered by a belief that the firmer the mattresses the less back pain for the sleeper. The National Sleep Foundation has found that those with back pain can find softer, or more “forgiving” mattresses, a better means to alleviate back pain than less forgiving, firm, spring mattresses.

6) Multi-Layer Memory Foam Tech

While spring mattresses have always been graded as extra firm, firm, medium or plush, memory foam mattress companies are touting their own range of innovative options, such as flippable mattresses. One side is firm while the other is soft.

Mattress engineers designed flippable mattresses by exploring various materials to create memory foam. Viscoelastic materials are now accompanied by thermo-gel infusion technologies and copper gel memory foam. In addition to these materials, engineers have discovered foams that assist airflow and provide core support.

Today’s multi-layer memory foam mattresses incorporate all of these materials. By varying foam width and exploring gel-infused possibilities, sleep specialists and mattress companies are offer cooling mattresses that absorb body heat away from the sleeper. They also created flippable mattresses with one side featuring firm support and the other offering a softer experience.

Consider these facts as you choose your next mattress. You will be amazed by the advances in sleep technology. You might even start to pay greater attention to your own sleep habits and the quality of your sleep. But once you find your perfect, personalized mattress all of these facts will melt away like a dream.

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