The “Tiny Tim” of Real Estate

Tiny House 2There is one cute community growing throughout the nation: tiny houses. Whether you’ve seen them on HGTV, Netflix, or other sources, these homes are making a (small) impact on society.

Environmentally and economically friendly, these little homes have a definite way of reminding us of what is necessary to a home. Providing us with the bare minimum of what is needed to survive, tiny homes come in different sizes depending on what your exact requirements for living are. Don’t be fooled though, compromising in size doesn’t mean that you will be compromising in quality or luxury.

Tiny House 3Tumbleweed, a “tiny house company,” has a successful line of homes that don’t compromise quality for quantity (in square feet). Their four houses vary in size from 117 sq. ft. to 172 sq. ft. and come with plenty of portable style.

Offering everything you could need, including stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and some even with two bedrooms, these homes will have all you need for a money saving adventure.

Photos courtesy of Tumbleweed.

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