This Three-Cornered Home Tips The Scales Of Equitability

It is appropriate that the “Triangular Rectangle” home is shaping not just a holistic lifestyle of the occupants, but also the lush suburban area outside of Poznan, Poland, a bustling city of half a million people. This beautiful home’s affordability is one of the main reasons it was selected as the Best House in Poland, 2019, by the country’s architectural jurists.

“This house shows that when you don’t have a big budget you can still execute gratifying architecture,” proclaims Bartek Bajon, principal at PL.architekci, a firm he and his architect wife oversee. “This type of architecture is not contemporary; it is how we live.”

The home has proven so popular in the neighborhood the architect has been commissioned to design another house two blocks away and is in discussion with yet another neighbor. The home itself is small by some standards – just 200 square meters (about 2,125 square feet), and was constructed for under $250,000. However, it appears large and elegant, as Bajon emphasized blending the outdoor space with the indoor environment. The huge windows, glass doors and skylights open onto the lush parcel, which sits adjacent to a forested greenbelt with lakes and trails. The location allows the family of four to be outdoors and active.

Before putting the mechanical pencils to paper, Bajon began this project by meeting with the clients, delving into their lifestyle, priorities and budget; then he reviewed the plot and developed the comprehensive design process, which included furniture.

“Architecture and interiors are always connected for us,” he explains. The clients modified just a few things when presented with the design – the proposed black wood exterior rectangles were replaced with white concrete for budget reasons. A key concern for the owners was they wanted easy contact with their children, ages 7 and 10, even if the children were in an upstairs bedroom.

Bajon’s solution was resoundingly embraced. He made the second floor a setback mezzanine, with an open hallway and partial glass enclosure for safety. “We opened up the first floor so you see what’s happening and you can hear what’s going on in the children’s rooms,” informed Bajon. He adds, “Ultimately, creating a home so connected with the seasons and our type of life nowadays. It’s easier to clear your mind – to enjoy life.”

Photography by Tom Kurek.

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