The Trendiest Colors in the Luxury World for 2018

2017 is about to wrap up and with a new year, new trends arrive into the luxury world. Color trends for this upcoming year are based on vibrant colors as red, classic neutrals as black & white and warm golden hues.

Combining gold with black or with white compose the perfect color pallets. The rule for the next year when it comes to decorating with color is to keep it bold and daring!

METALLICS ARE IN | It’s not new that metallics are a huge trend in interior design, but this upcoming year gold will be thriving! It adds richness and warmth to any interior, and enhances everything around it while still being the central focus. It is a color that’s associated with success and wealth, evoking nothing but luxury! LUXXU has a vast offer when it comes to golden lighting and furniture.

BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK | Black is such a timeless color! It adds just the right amount of elegance, drama and power to any interior setting. It’s a color often associated with sophistication and when combined with one of the biggest trends, gold, it becomes a luxurious and divine color. It is a daring color, but LUXXU has just the right pieces.

WHEN IN DOUBT, GO RED | It’s no surprise red carpets are red. It’s simultaneously classy and powerful, bold and fiery. A touch of red in the dining room can go a long way into making this room more appealing. When it comes to red there is no shortage of variety, with shades varying from pale red to deep burgundy. Benjamin Moore even selected one of the shades as the color of the year 2018. LUXXU suggests the Charla Dining Chair in red.

THE COOLEST SHADES OF GRAY | 2018 will be the color of all shades of gray. A timeless and soothing color that can take a role in every interior, from the simplest to the boldest. A great color to incorporate into any room of the house in the form of a full-on gray interior or a few pieces. LUXXU suggests the Saboteur Armchair, inspired by the noir movie scene.

ALL WHITE WITH A WARM TOUCH | White is often associated with brightness and light, and with minimalist interiors. To get that wow factor when decorating with white LUXXU suggests a white & golden color palette, capable of making any interior pop.

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