8 Of Our Favorite Wooden Kitchens

Back in the 70’s you couldn’t swing a lazy Susan without a pine-clad kitchen complete with lashings of faux wood grain, marbled laminate and the obligatory presence of orange. But wood has re-emerged as the material-of-the-moment, looking fresh, contemporary and suited to every budget.

Aesthetics and functionality merge in these eight beautiful wooden kitchens where the material gives character to cabinetry, countertops and elegant accents.

PINE FRESH | There was a time when pine was dismissed as nothing more than a utilitarian building material or, in the context of kitchens, a yellow-lacquered, knotty-textured out-of-date eyesore that one ripped out and replaced as soon as you could. But there’s a new kid on the (wooden) starting block – the stripped-down, organic looking white pine – and its urban aesthetic and clean Scandinavian vibes are making this the material du jour for furniture designers, interior architects and homeowners.

modern wooden kitchens

BALANCING ACT | Wood is the main event in this poetic interpretation of architectural minimalism. As the only natural construction material among the manmade plaster, glass and concrete, the presence of timber provides texture, warmth, color as well as visual energy thanks to a slatted design that marries with the outdoor blinds. In this kitchen, functionality has been distilled to its basic essence and a sense of weightlessness achieved via unbroken lines, floating cabinetry and integrated essentials such as the sink and conduction hub.

wooden kitchens

TOWN & COUNTRY | It’s easy to see why this large ground floor kitchen and dining area, designed in a modern farmhouse style, has become the center of this family home: the inviting space is perfectly suited to cooking and entertaining, special gatherings as well as homework, breakfast-on-the-run and other routines of everyday living. Mid-tone oak – a timeless choice – has been used for much of the carpentry, including the substantially sized kitchen island and dining room table.

wooden kitchens trend

IN THE MIX | Light wood and cheerful patterned tiles give this kitchen a modern vibrancy. The material chosen for the bespoke cabinetry is Wormy Maple (also known as Ambrosia Maple), specially sourced for its interesting mineral striations and color variations.

wooden kitchens trend

REFINED COMPOSURE | Practical and elegant, this kitchen was designed with connections in mind: a visual connection to the garden outside; a spatial connection with the communal spaces of the house; and a human connection with family and guests who congregate in the dining and living areas.

MATERIAL WORLD | It’s not just furniture, flooring and cabinetry that looks good in wood. Here, the angular ceiling – clad in Western Red cedar – is a striking design feature. Kitchen and dining zones come together to form an open-plan arrangement where architecture, building materials and furnishings appear seamlessly unified with each other. The mix of polished concrete and sleek wood has a strong aesthetic unity while at the same time creating visual-, tonal- and textural interest.

SCANDI NOIR | Cool, calm and collected, this kitchen artfully marries clean-lined timber with chic highlights of black which serve to anchor the space and infuse it with a sense of urban sophistication.

ALL-IN-ONE | What do you get when you combine a love for Scandi chic, a penchant for modern minimalism and an architectural aesthetic inspired in part by the practicalities of yacht design? This contemporary space manages to be both family-friendly and streamlined.

Photography by Greg Cox and Warren Heath.

For more wooden kitchens, check out this rustic hillside home in Washington.

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