6 Top Designers Share Their Favorite Rustic Glam Projects

rustic glam living room project from Grey Walker Photography by Dustin Peck

Gray Walker of Gray Walker Interiors
“The thing that really makes this room is the pecky cypress. It was something that our client really loved, and it adds natural warmth to the room. They wanted a living area that wasn’t overly formal, had some casual and cozy elements to it, and yet was still chic. They also brought in some of their antiques and at the same time gave the room a more updated look. I added some modern pieces that had clean lines, like the Lucite table and the fabulous window. The Cowtan & Tout damask draperies feel fresh in that bright green, and we connected the modern to the antiques with the Knoll sofa, which is inspired by a traditional form, yet has a streamlined look. The textures of the fabrics and rug create additional warmth in this elegant room.”

Rustic glam project from Katherine Pooley Photography by Andrew Beasley

Katharine Pooley of Luxury Interior Design and Interior Architecture
“This space has timeless, classical detailing, which is always important to me; and to match the details, I really wanted an elegant interior that is also peaceful. City living can be hectic, and I wanted a comfortable and relaxing environment for us to enjoy together. My personal style is a subtle balance of the contemporary and classical, with exquisite craftsmanship as a must. The large painting by Yin Xin is part of my personal collection and is a fabulous backdrop for the round dining table.”

Rustic glam home project from Bill Hovard Photography by Gross and Daley

Bill Hovard of Hudson Made NY
“The Hudson Valley is a magical place, and nature is obviously one of the things we wanted to celebrate with the design of my home. Nature, the changing seasons, the connection to the past, along with the community of artisans, farmers and makers has all been inspirational to me. I wanted to honor the original 19th-century agricultural structure of a dairy barn, while also bringing in the amenities and design elements of the 21st century. Light and open space were also important, and the sun on the warm woods makes the space cozy and serene.”

rustic glam living room project from Jean Stoffer Photography via Stoffer Photography Interiors

Jean Stoffer of Jean Stoffer Design
“In this space, I wanted to celebrate the original classic structure of the home, but add in modern touches and color, which is really my signature. I also love integrating metals in various finishes into interiors, and in this case in the side window panels in the entryway, which adds a rustic or industrial look that is also so elegant. In the living room, we added the rich emerald-green sofas, which feel so cozy and warm, but are also very chic and modern in style. It’s that mix that makes a room feel livable and approachable. Scale is also so important. You have to respect the architecture and details and make a cohesive look that feels classic but modern with character at the same time.”

rustic glam project from bradley bayou Photography by Joshua McHugh

Bradley Bayou of Bradley Bayou Design
“Our client wanted a comfortable living space that offered a respite from city living. He told us that he loved nailhead details so we completely covered the back of two chairs with nailheads in different sizes and finishes. The effect is unexpectedly glamorous, but also very masculine. We used rich, natural materials such as leather, wood, tumbled stone, plaster and wool, but we kept the lines cleaner and more architectural. The earthy, masculine color palette paired with the plush wool rug and gauzy curtains work together to create a comfortable, welcoming environment. And the wood-burning fireplace doesn’t hurt!”

rustic glam bedroom project from butch anthony Photography by Gross and Daley

Butch Anthony of Museum of Wonder
“The home is built on the exact spot where I built a tree fort when I was a kid. I started building in 1988, and I had no plan. I just started collecting salvaged wood and hammered away at it. I used reclaimed and salvaged materials, such as windows from old churches, and columns from Victorian homes that were torn down. The heart pine beams came from an old cotton gin in Columbus, Georgia. The art in the home is my own, as well as found objects that I have collected over the years at our local auction, “The Possum Trot.” I made the platform bed out of painted car license plates and Alabama road signs, and the 1850s chairs have their original red buttermilk paint and I restored the seats using old clothing and neckties. I hung them on the wall in the style of the Shakers. I love the simplicity of that.”

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