ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Celebrates Rustic Glam

This spring, across all platforms, ASPIRE is exploring Rustic Glam spaces. The pieces we’re featuring here have successfully brought all of the seemingly contrasting elements of both rustic and glam designs together, and can easily be incorporated into your home for a fresh new look.

rustic glam carafe from Industry WestErosion Carafe- Industry West |  In his latest designs for Industry West, Joe Sayegh sought to represent both artistic design and the organic elements of nature. This carafe delicately merges mouth-blown glass and untreated teak wood, an overt visual representation of the relationship between rustic and glamorous styles. Both beautiful and functional, the Erosion Carafe could easily serve as inspiration for an entire Rustic Glam redesign in any home.

Eclipse Shower Door- Coastal Shower Doors | The Eclipse shower door showcases the concept of Rustic Glam beyond materials. No wood, stone, or any other typical rustic elements make up this piece, but the design is rooted in rural styles. The shower door pairs rollers inspired by barn doors with metal and glass for a contemporary yet classic statement piece.

Mountain Laurel Handrails | What makes these railings from Mountain Laurel Handrails a great example of Rustic Glam is their versatility; fitting into both cabins and elegant contemporary decor. When used in an already rustic space attention is drawn to the wood, while the artistic composition compliments modern styles. The railings are customizable for any home, and can be used in interior and exterior spaces alike.

Raw Tray- Industry West |  Joe Sayegh’s Raw Tray is another achievement in melding seemingly contrasting styles; this time using only wood, but highlighting the avant-garde shapes and clean lines that can be apparent in nature. The Raw Tray is worked by hand, and as a result, each one is unique.

Bae Se Hwa rustic steam bent seriesSteam Bent Seris – Bae Se Hwa | Later this month, Korean designer Bae Se Hwa is set to debut his Steam Bent series, a collection of seven pieces produced over the last decade. These sculptural designs are handcrafted by Se Hwa himself, using hundred of thin slices of walnut wood. With sweeping lines and a fine attention to detail, Se Hwa captures the tranquility of nature in a sophisticated manner.

For more Rustic Glam inspiration, check out ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME’s Spring 2019 issue, available now in stores and online. Plus, take a look at some of the favorite Rustic Glam projects of 6 top industry designers, here!

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