Taking The Highball Road: 12 Bar Designs You’ll Thirst Over

From the ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME spring 2021 issue, these 12 residential and commercial bar designs are sure to inspire you.

New York, NY
Design: Studios Architecture
Photo: Tom Minieri
For the Project Worldwide New York City headquarters, the designers created a bar that functions as the welcoming hearth of the firm’s amenity and arrival space. The design is refined industrial style and uses Banker’s Wire S-51 Architectural Woven Mesh in bronze in the display cabinets.

Truckee, CA
Design: Greg Faulkner, Faulkner Architects
Photo: Joe Fletcher
In a dark, hidden space adjacent to a fire niche and hot tub, Greg Faulkner created a minimalist bar in a palette of concrete, walnut and basalt. Because spirits and wine are best kept out of the light, Faulkner was inspired to create a dark place to hide out, have a drink and share a rare bottle.

white bar designs

Las Vegas, NV
Design: Daun Curry Design Studio
Photo: Matthew Sandagen
In Daun Curry’s design for the high-roller suites at the Cosmopolitan, every surface is vital visual real estate. The bar is rendered entirely in white glass with hand-finished gold-leaf moldings that extend the full height of the space, embodying the devil-may-care attitude of vintage Vegas in the golden age, but updated for the 21st-century traveler.

Memphis, TN
Design: Fran Keenan Design
Photo: Hector Sanchez
In this man cave, the design started with the collection of masculine-leaning vintage photography. The space, separate from the main house, is used for watching football, hosting meetings and pool parties. The bar is perfect for serving snacks and beverages to guests without having to run back and forth into the main house.

Aspen, CO
Design: Pembrooke & Ives
Photo: JC Buck
This bar was designed with the same approach as the rest of the house, inspired by the environment and the arresting views of Aspen Mountain, perfectly framed by the bar windows. The materials capture the surrounding natural elements in a modern way.

kitchen bar designs

Washington, D.C.
Design: Nadia Subaran, Aidan Design
Photo: Angie Seckinger
In a house with formal bones, a wine bar and tasting area sits between a dining room and a more casual family room. The palette started with deep navy cabinetry, Calacatta Gold Marble herringbone mosaic floors and satin brass hardware and lighting. The wood table, from Victoria Sanchez of Victoria at Home, was a perfect fit.

San Diego, CA
Design: IKB: Ike Kligerman Barkley
Photo: Darren Bradley
John Ike designed a bar in his own midcentury modern home, with a focus on Southern California indoor/outdoor living. The room embraces both the design aesthetic and the spirit of San Diego, and is the focal point of the project. The bar itself is upholstered and decorated with upholstery nails representing either a scene from Genesis or an idealized view of San Diego.

commercial bar designs

Chicago, IL
Design: Kate Logan, Whitney Architects
Photo: Kendall McCaugherty, Hall and Merrick
In the Whitney Architects headquarters, the firm’s guests are welcomed into the heart of the space – the work café and bar, designed as a testament to the hospitality they extend to both visitors and staff. Banker Wire’s flat woven wire mesh in an antique copper-plated finish adds warmth and texture.

Paris, France
Design: Wilson Associates Atelier Tristan Auer
Photo: Yann Deret
Café Scribe, a tea room by Wilson Associates, was part of the renovation of the Hotel Scribe in Paris, not far from the Opéra Garnier. The initial mission was to create a tea room also dedicated to the sale of travel cakes and tea. The space was the first Louis Vuitton shop in 1871, where they sold travel trunks, and the International Company of Wagon Lits and Orient Express was just down the street. The designers incorporated the travel theme throughout the space, with displays reminiscent of travel trunks and colors inspired by nature in shades of brown, ocher, green and blue.

Washington, D.C.
Design: Kelley Proxmire, Kelley Proxmire Inc.
Photo: Kevin Allen
For this living room, Proxmire suggested a bar after she found an antique secretary in Atlanta. It became a beautiful focal point when not being used as a bar, because it has a display area for glasses and barware items. The size of the secretary was also needed to balance the rest of the large living room furniture, and the distinctive green glass doors and vintage gray paint fit perfectly with the color scheme of the room.

Design: Cara Woodhouse Interiors
In a Victorian home, the designer used emerald green through the interior spaces as well as the exterior and carried that out to the pool house as well. A striking black-and-white graphic floor creates a fun foundation and, on the bar, an opulent 3-inch-thick bullnose black-and-white Corian bar top and a punch of green on the stools adds a glam touch.

Moscow, Russia
Design: Yuna Megre, Megre Interiors
Photo: Mikhail Stepanov
For a restaurant in Moscow, the designer created a bar that is literally made of money. The bar front has the words “Made of Money” written in coins. The design team collected coins for five weeks, in two cities. The bar is hand-covered with 126,578 coins in total.

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