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We all watch films or television for a form of escapism – to parachute into the lives of others as they navigate drama, love, angst, and happiness in exotic and interesting locales.

No surprise that in a recent American Express study, 78 percent of respondents cited travel as one of the activities that they are most yearning for and the inability to travel caused them stress and regret.

This is why we created a category for Best Hotel Rooms for our “Best-Dressed Rooms in TV and Film Awards” since over this year people have missed travel so much that television in a small way has filled that need to go elsewhere.

So what did our judges consider the best hotel rooms to visit? Here are the nominations.

one night in miami best hotel rooms
Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

One Night in Miami

In a fictionalized account of a 1964 meeting between Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam Cook, the hotel room is where most of the film’s action takes place. Therefore production designer Barry Robison and set decorator Janessa Hitsman had to make every detail count. It was based on the Hampton House in Miami, which is now the Historic Hampton House Cultural Center. Since real rooms are only 14×16, too small for the shoot, they replicated the feel of the room on the set in LaPlace, Louisiana, which was actually an abandoned grocery store.

The color scheme became green with textured wallpaper and wooden walls that could be lit well. The lighting was essential in this film with so much action taking place in this small space, and drapes and windows lent themselves to that factor, while also adding midcentury flare.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

However, as Robison has said, there was creative license since there was no rugs on the floor – it was all linoleum – because director Regina King did not want the overall space to exude cheap or grim.

“The blue-green exterior of the hotel evokes Miami way back in 1968, yet the muted interior is designed to keep your eye on the actors, from the hotel room’s wooden walls to its drab bedspreads and drapes,” observed film critic and judge, Jeff Sneider, “The production design complements the ensemble rather than distract from the actors’ performances.”

As film critic and judge Bill McCuddy points out, “They put the audience in a time machine and sent them back to a night in 1964. Every detail of the motel interior is a vintage time capsule.”


Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Call My Agent

In the series, Sigourney Weaver is displeased with her room at the Hôtel de Crillon and demands an upgrade to the Marie-Antoinette suite, which goes for over $50,000 a night. This room has a sweet terrace overlooking Place de la Concorde, the Eiffel Tower and other Paris landmarks. This was definitely a swanky hotel room and showed how celebrities are demanding and agents must appease them. Who knew that this room was the measuring stick of how big a star really is?


nurse ratched best hotel rooms
Photos courtesy of Netflix.


Although called the Sealight Inn, the cliffside cabins where the character of Mildred Ratched spent time outside of the hospital was at Lucia Lodge in Big Sur overlooking the sea. It is set on a cliff 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean.


Photo courtesy of Netflix.


The rustic room where the Duke of Hastings and Daphne spent their honeymoon had all the elements of romance. Interior designer Courtney Sloane appreciated the fur blankets and throws, the four-poster bed, and of course the roaring fireplace where their iconic line, “I burn for you” was said.

bridgerton best hotel rooms
Photo courtesy of Netflix.

“The fireplace in Daphne’s hotel room was awesome,” she says. “I love a massive fireplace! You could feel the coziness as the fire’s flame danced across the room. The carved wood, the wallpaper, the Louis XIV armchair with the needlepoint tapestry was perfect for the room.”


Photo courtesy of Pop TV.

Schitt’s Creek

Judges loved this comedy series and how the Rosebud Motel appeared in every episode as the Roses, an affluent family who falls on hard times must relocate to a seedy, rundown motel. In real life, it is named the Hockley Motel and is in Mono, Ontario, an hour away from Toronto.

schitt's creek best hotel rooms
Photo courtesy of Pop TV.

To soften the look of a brick wall behind the beds, that screams cheap – star Dan Levy, who was involved in every detail of the series, chose a teal color for better style. Also notice how in the motel, the drapes are cut short and don’t puddle on the floor which reflects the time period. When you go into a cheap motel, it is always the drapes that give it away as well as bed linens that are not plump and fluffy.

As independent producer Gianna Palminteri noted, “The whole series is one big hotel room disaster.”


Photo courtesy of Uli Hanisch/Netflix.

The Queen’s Gambit

There are so many varied hotel rooms we visit in this fab series as Beth travels for chess tournaments – especially the locations in Mexico, Paris, Russia and Las Vegas.

Film critic John Farr loved the first scene in the Paris hotel suite. “It must be one of the more engaging and memorable series openings in recent memory,” he says. “It definitely had me at hello.”

the queen's gambit best hotel rooms paris
Photo courtesy of Uli Hanisch/Netflix.

Actually, this scene was filmed at the Haus Cumberland in Berlin, and features Art Nouveau design.

Berlin-based set decorator Sabine Schaaf and production designer Uli Hanisch wanted to create a contrast between all the hotel scenes while maintaining the integrity of the period. After all, this series is all about travel. In fact, perhaps see it a second time to look at all the travel scenes.

the queen's gambit best hotel rooms mexico
Photo courtesy of Uli Hanisch/Netflix.

Mexico and Las Vegas which were primarily filmed on a set stand out for Schaaf. Since she specializes in period pieces with an emphasis on fabrics and wallpapers – especially strong patterns and layered textures, she sought “Aztec inspired shapes and motifs as well as exotic foliage/floral patterns and a brightly patterned floor” for this set.

“Burgundy reds, greens and oranges were the guiding colors in this visual concept,” she says.

For Las Vegas, she wanted to bring “a playful, casino-inspired representation, in stark contrast to the brutalist temple of chess seen later in the Moscow tournament.”

“This set was inspired by Las Vegas kitsch with a golden, turquoise and mauve color palette, in contrast to Mexico’s reds and Moscow browns, whites, and blacks,” Schaaf says. “Striking geometric prints were used throughout all of the Las Vegas sets and a great focus was laid on art deco shapes and rounded modern materials, both of which can be seen in a large majority of the design features shown.”

the queen's gambit best hotel rooms las vegas
Photo courtesy of Uli Hanisch/Netflix.

“The Las Vegas hotel room so perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the time and place,” says judge and interior designer Gail Davis. “From the two twin beds, to the wallpaper, to the crazy dice headboard, it gives the dizzying sense of being a part of Vegas.”

best hotel rooms russia the queen's gambit
Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Interior decorator Courtney Sloane liked the hotel room in Russia. “It was an amazing feast for the eyes with pattern play,” she says. “Concentric wallpaper with a medium scale pattern on the sofa and a properly overcalled art piece of a woman is delightful. The lampshade on the side table is a work of art against the wallpaper. The whole room is stunning.”

Both Sabine Schaaf and production designer Uli Hanisch found all these locations around Berlin to rev up and delight audiences with authentic details as if we really were given a passport to all these locations circa the 1960s.

Let us know which nomination you think had the best hotel rooms, and it will be part of our final tally on April 22nd.

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