Aspire Honors Award Seasons’ Most Overlooked Categories

With the Oscars closing out awards season this coming weekend, aspire design and home magazine is honoring the long-forgotten set decorators who create the fabulous interiors of TV shows and films with The Best-Dressed Rooms in TV and Film Awards.

“A well-executed, well-dressed set is tantamount to a starring role,” says Amy Sneider, Founding Editor-In-Chief of aspire design and home magazine. “Its richness and authenticity is integral to creating a mood, a place in time that communicates the ensemble.”

Here are the winners of the 2021 Best-Dressed Rooms in TV And Film Awards:

Best Contemporary Design

Winner: The Undoing

From the romantic wallpaper in Grace’s (played by Nicole Kidman) bedroom, to the cool blues and grays used in Franklin’s (Donald Sutherland) townhouse to convey his steely exterior, judges couldn’t get enough of set decorator Keri Lederman’s work on this HBO miniseries.

Fan Favorite for Best Contemporary Design: Billions


Best Costumes to Enhance Decor

Winner: Bridgerton

The set decorators achieve utter escapism in this Netflix series. And the costumes add to that beautifully with luxurious floral motifs, feathered headpieces and contrasting color schemes to distinguish the aristocratic families from the wannabe’s.

Fan Favorite for Best Costumes to Enhance Decor: The Queen’s Gambit


Best Lighting Ambiance

Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

“In [this Netflix Series] notice how it was different lighting when she was working, when she was competing, when she was having fun,” observes judge Cornelia Guest. “They understood that lighting set the mood and did it beautifully.”

Fan Favorite for Best Lighting Ambiance: The Queen’s Gambit


Best Rooms to Evoke Nostalgia

Winner: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Set decorator Ellen Christiansen decorated the fab 1950s-era retro kitchens with colorful cabinets, and created Dorothy Draper-inspired rooms of classic chic with a dash of daring, showcasing midcentury details audiences love.

Fan Favorite for Best Rooms to Evoke Nostalgia: One Night in Miami


Best Use of Public Space

Winner: The Crown

One sees not only the castles of British Royal life but also the beautiful pastoral homes in the countryside in this Netflix series. Wilton House in Salisbury, Sandringham and Althorp – Princess Diana’s ancestral home – Windsor Castle, and many other iconic landmarks are seen throughout the series.

Fan Favorite for Best Use of Public Space: Lupin


Best Floral Design

Winner: Bridgerton

Judges applauded Helen Byrne’s use of plump purple wisteria on the Bridgerton home and gorgeous English tea roses used in several scenes. Many also liked the garden scene featuring the Queen having tea with spectacular floral inspired tablescape to join the fresh lush flowers.

Fan Favorite for Best Floral Design: Bridgerton


Best Living Room Design

Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

After Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) inherits her childhood Kentucky home from her mother, with its deep teal décor and maximalist style, she makes it her own with button-backed arm chairs, art nouveau elements, and a fresh pink color scheme.

Fan Favorite for Best Living Room Design: Malcolm & Marie


Best Artwork Display

Winner: The Undoing

In this murder mystery, Donald Sutherland treats the Frick Collection much as his private home. He lounges in its Garden Court and discusses “whodunnit” with family members in front of the Veronese, an Italian artist known for his opulence and theatricality.

Fan Favorite for Best Artwork Display: Empire


Best “Cheap Chic” Design

Winner: Schitt’s Creek

The Rose Family’s luxury clothes and style clash with the shabby furnishings of their new home at the Rosebud Motel. But there is something to the set decor that is so relatable to so many and reveals the skill of the production team.

Fan Favorite for Best “Cheap Chic” Design: Schitt’s Creek


Best Design Detail for Plot Enhancement

Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

The now-iconic scene where chess prodigy Beth Harmon imagined chess plays from her bedroom ceiling won over judges and fans alike to claim this award.

Fan Favorite for Best Design Detail for Plot Enhancement: The Queen’s Gambit


Best Dining Scenes

Winner: The Crown

Judges admired the skill of Alison Harvey to create contrast in how Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) cooks dinner for her ministers on a cramped wood table, compared to Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Coleman) sitting spaced apart between family members on a long formal rectangular table.

Fan Favorite for Best Dining Scenes: Bridgerton


Best Hotel Rooms

Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

This series sees chess master Beth Harmon traverse the world to compete in various chess tournaments in Mexico, Las Vegas, Paris and Russia. Each hotel room tells a clear story of these locales, and Beth’s rise up the chess ranks.

Fan Favorite for Best Hotel Rooms: The Queen’s Gambit


Best Bedroom Design

Winner: The Great

Edging out Bridgerton and The Undoing, judges noted the spectacular Regency fabrics on the bedding and canopied beds of this Hulu series. The chinoiserie wallpapers are also luminous, and many adored the vines that are prevalent in this decor.

Fan Favorite for Best Bedroom Design: The Great


Best Period Design

Winner: The Crown

Of course, Buckingham Palace couldn’t be used for the filming of this series that follows Queen Elizabeth II’s reign over many decades, but the producers found an alternative. And with each iteration, from the 1940s to the 80s, the set decorators incorporate era-appropriate details to enrich the plot.

Fan Favorite for Best Period Design: The Crown


Best Use of Small Space

Winner: The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit narrowly beat and clearly split votes between Nomadland, One Night in Miami, and Snowpiercer for the memorable scene of a young Beth Harmon learning chess in the orphanage’s basement.

Fan Favorite for Best Use of Small Space: The Queen’s Gambit

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