Kyle Bunting Channels The French Countryside With The “Chateau” Collection

Just in time for Bastille Day, Kyle Bunting is introducing today Chateau, a new collection of European-inspired hide rugs developed with acclaimed designer Timothy Corrigan.

The collection features six new designs inspired by Corrigan’s French Estate in the Loire Valley; Chateau de la Chevallerie:

First created in the 16th and 17th centuries, “Polonaise” carpets were made by the Persian Emperor’s workshops for the Royal Courts of Europe, and are a wonderful mix of European design with Eastern weaving techniques. The curving acanthus leaf vines and flowers create a rug that is lyrical, yet distinctly modern.

Inspired by 18th and 19th century English and French rugs that delight the eye with floral and leaf motifs, this contemporary interpretation adds a trellis background and a geometric border to create a fresh take on a classic design.

Inspired by the Moderne Style that was initiated in mid-1920’s France, this design blends bold geometrics with light and shadow play, creating an effect that, depending on the choice of colors, can be strong and graphic or a subtle suggestion.

Named after the famed 17th-century cabinetmaker who boldly created intricate designs with a mix of tortoiseshell, brass, and wood. This classic pattern recreates the detailed ombre shading seen in Boulle’s furniture masterpieces.

French King Louis XIV created the Savonniere workshop in Paris to create rich, intricately shaded rugs that would rival the finest being made anywhere in the world. The shading of the central motif in this design reflects that same attention to detail, with a modern twist.

The Empire period began in 1804 when Napoleon declared himself Emperor of France. The use of Greek and Egyptian motifs during this period helped to validate and strengthen his reign; this new interpretation feels dynamic and current.

Long-time friends and collaborators, Bunting and Corrigan had anticipated releasing the collection with the unveiling of Corrigan’s renovated Chateau. As global circumstances changed along with inevitable setbacks, the pair decided to introduce the collection without further delay. Click here for more information.

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